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Meet Emily and Tanner

My name is Emily, I’m a 22-year-old university student and I was recently matched with my very first guide dog, Tanner.

At only seven years old, I was diagnosed with a rare hereditary disorder that makes bones prone to breakage amongst other serious symptoms.

A few years later, I started to experience episodes of vision loss. All of a sudden, I’d find myself plunged into complete darkness. My doctors decided they would operate to try and save my sight, but the surgery was unsuccessful. At only 12 years old, I had lost my vision, and this would be permanent.

When I lost my sight, I realised that a guide dog was the shining light in a really dark time of my life. The thought of one day getting my own pawfect guide really pushed me to work on my skills and pick up my cane, which is a very difficult task for a blind person, even more so when you’re still so young!

A pawfect match

Last year, I was finally matched with my guide dog, Tanner; it has absolutely changed my life.

Tanner puts a smile on my face every time I talk about him. Having my guide dog allows me to visit my friends independently, to navigate university campuses on my own, and to just be a more confident person.

Tanner gives me the freedom that I’ve always wanted and the confidence that I need to navigate independently as a blind person.

Since being matched with Tanner I don’t feel so alone. He is the perfect companion to join me on my day-to-day tasks and for everything I have planned for the future. When I finish my university degree, he’ll be walking me across the stage to get my certificate.

It costs over $50,000 to raise and train guide dogs like Tanner. By making a donation before 30 June, you will be helping to ensure that more people can be matched with their very own pawfect guide.

Your support can make a real different to people just like me.

Watch Emily and Tanner in action!

Your contribution will enable us to provide independence, participation, inclusion, and wellbeing to people like Emily.

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