Leisure & Lifestyle Services.

Explore opportunities to connect with your community, develop new skills, access peer support groups and more.
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What are Leisure & Lifestyle Services?

Develop new skills and build your confidence.

Our Leisure and Lifestyle Services are an opportunity to develop new skills and build your confidence in a supportive social environment. Group activities are designed to suit every person – regardless of your goals, age or level of vision – with elements tailored to suit your individual needs.

Benefits can include:

  • Building your confidence
  • Developing skills for independent living
  • Experiencing new activities or rediscovering past hobbies
  • Getting active and participating in the community
  • Meeting new people and connecting with friends.

All Guide Dogs clients are welcome to participate in our Leisure & Lifestyle activities. We also offer a specialist Carers’ Group to support anyone who is caring for a Guide Dogs client.

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To learn more about any of the groups listed here or to find a Leisure & Lifestyle Service to support your goals, register your interest using the form below or contact our Client Services team:

Empowered Living Program

Learn skills to become more independent in everyday life.

The Empowered Living Program is a new skill development and education program specially designed for people who have experienced recent vision loss or blindness.

Through a series of group sessions, you can discover useful tricks, techniques and equipment to maintain your independence and feel safer at home or in the community.

The Empowered Living Program will explore a different topic each month. You can learn about simple adaptations to make life easier in your home, explore apps for reading and navigation, and get practical tips for personal grooming.

To learn more about the Empowered Living Program and to find upcoming events click here.

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The program includes online and face-to-face sessions.

You can gain confidence from the comfort of your home, and then test your new skills and knowledge in the community with Guide Dogs staff by your side. You will also receive a handbook and a self-assessment questionnaire to track your progress.

Please contact Salina Shrestha at salina.shrestha@guidedogs.org.au or phone 08 8203 8347 if you would like further information or to express your interest in the program.

Life Skills Camp

Learn the value of leadership and teamwork.

Our quarterly Life Skills Camp supports children and teenagers living with low vision or blindness to work towards their personal goals for improved independence, confidence and wellbeing, while learning the value of leadership and teamwork.

During school holidays, students aged between 12 and 18 from across South Australia and the Northern Territory are invited to participate in this life-changing experience. Our specialist team works with students to identify their goals and practice independent living skills through occupational therapy and orientation and mobility training.

In addition to helping students achieve their goals for improved confidence and independence, the camp offers young people a unique opportunity for social inclusion and community connection.

Camp highlights include:

  • Practising navigating unfamiliar environments
  • Experiencing new technologies and transport options for the future
  • Practising road crossing training and public transport training for greater freedom of mobility
  • Independently planning, shopping and preparing meals
  • Trying new sports, games and activities to build confidence and teamwork
  • Getting creative with tactile arts and crafts experiences
  • Building confidence, meeting new friends and making memories to last a lifetime.

To learn more about our annual Life Skills Camp, contact our Client Services team on 1800 757 738 or email support@guidedogs.org.au.

Carers’ Group

Join a close community of fellow carers.

Guide Dogs SA/NT has a long commitment of supporting and working with carers/family members. We recognise carers often appreciate having access to information and peer support with their caring role.

We are developing a new carers program that will offer carers the chance to connect with people who can relate to their daily experiences. This will be a place to share information, access resources, make new friends and provide mutual support.

For more information or to register your interest, contact our Client Services team on 1800 757 738 or email support@guidedogs.org.au.

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Happy Hour Sessions

Share stories and learn something new.

Join us for our popular Social Happy Hour sessions.

Open to anyone experiencing a vision loss, as well as family and friends, it’s a chance to catch up for a chat and meet new people, all from the comfort of your own home.

With face-to-face and also online sessions held via Microsoft Teams, the platform is fully accessible and can be used on your phone, computer or tablet.

To learn more about our upcoming sessions or to register, visit our Events page.

For further information or to register please email salina.shrestha@guidedogs.org.au or phoning 08 8203 8347. If you would like help joining a session, please contact Simon Wong on 08 8203 8334 or Salina Shrestha on 08 8203 8347.

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"The happy hour sessions are very helpful, inspiring and motivating. I have recently lost my vision and joining the sessions has been a fantastic way to meet other people and share each other’s thoughts, feelings and experiences. I feel very reassured and supported in this group. I have learnt so much about managing life after vision loss through the discussions in this group."
- Faye, Social Happy Hour attendee

Get involved with Guide Dogs

Learn more.

In addition to our existing Leisure & Lifestyle Services, we are currently developing a range of exciting initiatives to enhance your social connection, community participation and skills for daily living.

If you would like to know more about Guide Dogs’ Leisure & Lifestyle Services, please contact our Client Services team:

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    Enhance your wellbeing.

    We offer a full range of specialist support to enhance your independence and wellbeing. In addition to our Leisure & Lifestyle Services, you may benefit from:

    • Adult Mobility: Develop skills to get around your home and community safely and with confidence, at every stage of life.
    • Guide Dog Mobility: Partner with a Guide Dog and participate in Guide Dog Mobility training to become more confident moving through life.
    • Children’s Services: Whatever milestones your child or teen wants to achieve so they can feel happy and confident, our vision specialists can offer training, encouragement and support.
    • Low Vision Services: Receive specialist assessments, support and advice to ensure your lifestyle and environment are optimised to suit your level of vision.
    • Occupational Therapy: Work with Occupational Therapists to identify personal goals and learn practical skills to achieve them. These can include cooking, caring for your family, living independently at home, and managing your own financial transactions.
    • Neurological Vision Service: If you’ve experienced a change in vision through accident or injury to the brain, explore new skills for new life circumstances with our Neurological Vision Service. Maximise your remaining vision, learn to move through different environments and communicate with people in the community.
    • Assistive Technology: Access Assistive Technology training to make life easier. Whether it’s your smartphone or a specific aid like GPS devices, improve your confidence with technology that suits your needs.

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