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Human Guide Training

Training packages to assist in improving accessibility in the community and workplaces.
A man and woman entering a building that has a Guide Dogs sign at the entrance.

What is Human Guide Training?

‘Human Guiding’ (also known as ‘Guided Travel’) is a technique used to assist someone who lives with vision loss to move safely, efficiently, and confidently through their surroundings

The reason we define someone as a ‘Human Guide’ is because alternative guides, such as a Guide Dog or a white cane, may be used. This choice depends on the person’s unique situation or their personal preference.

  • Human Guide Training digital booklet

A man assisting another man when exiting a train.

Why is it important?

Human Guide Training teaches a valuable skill that all organisations can take part in to become more accessible workplaces. Our aim is that staff and volunteers will take this home and apply it both in the workplace and the community if needed.

The more people who learn how to be a Human Guide, the more we are working towards creating a community that is safe, inclusive and accessible for all.

What does training involve?

Our course is delivered as a two-hour session, held either onsite at your premises or at your nominated location. We can work with you to accommodate almost any organisation size.

Each session has theoretical and practical components, where participants experience what it is like to live without vision (simulated using a blindfold) and to be guided, which is done in pairs.

Human Guide Training can also align with personal development days and team-building activities and can be associated with days of note such as Disability Awareness Week or World Sight Day.

A certificate of participation is provided to individuals and the organisation to acknowledge the completion of Human Guide Training with Guide Dogs SA/NT.

We also offer our “open” Human Guide Training course, designed for organisations seeking individual staff to participate, rather than groups. Explore our event calendar to find upcoming course dates or get in touch by filling out the enquiry form below.


Hear what others have to say

“Undergoing the Human Guide Training with the support of Guide Dogs SA/NT was a great experience and a way to gain a deeper understanding of the lived experience for someone with a vision impairment, and the challenges they will face when accessing the public transport network.

Being blindfolded was daunting for sure and made you appreciate the importance of having a guide to navigate new and busy areas. This training will support our staff at Keolis Downer Adelaide and Keolis Downer as a whole to gain an understanding of accessibility needs. It provides adequate support for the blind and low vision community to be able to independently utilise public transport to move throughout the community.’’

Keolis Downer Accessibility Officer

It is a course which should be available and offered to everyone in society, starting from school children, and including workplaces, community services, etc. Learning how to provide whichever type of specialised support to someone who may need or appreciate such help is a wonderful thing!

Junia Adelaide Fringe
Quote by Junia

Merilyn said, “the training was awesome. The knowledge was imparted, and we learnt some valuable tips”.

Veronica mentioned it was thought-provoking as someone with low vision or blindness “can’t just take that blindfold off.”

Veronica and Merrilyn
South Australia Police

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