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Puppy Pals

By making a regular contribution, you help adorable puppies grow into highly skilled Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs or Facility Dogs.

What is Puppy Pals?

Your regular gift to Guide Dogs can help us transform adorable puppies into highly skilled Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs or Facility Dogs.

As a Puppy Pal, your impact begins immediately. Our puppies’ journey starts the moment they open their eyes and continues for the following two years, as they develop the skills and confidence they’ll need to prepare for their life-changing career.

A young child sitting outside on some grass next to an Autism Assistance Dog. The dog is a black labrador and is wearing an Autism Assistance Dog jacket.

Throughout the journey, you’ll share their joys and triumphs through regular updates. You’ll even get an exclusive invite to their graduation celebration at the end of the Puppy Development Program.

Best of all, your gift will give our puppies the best possible opportunity to change a family’s life.

How will my donation make a difference?

Our dogs are bred, raised and trained with the goal of enabling people with low vision or blindness, children with autism, and their families to enjoy a life of independence, participation, inclusion and wellbeing.

As anyone who has seen our dogs in action would agree, these services are absolutely essential. But, with limited Government funding, we rely on your generous support to help our puppies prepare for their life-changing careers.

It costs more than $50,000 to breed, raise and train a puppy to become a Guide Dog, Assistance Dog or Facility Dog. This is only possible thanks to your support.

Your regular tax-deductible donation will enable people living with disability to be as free and independent as they deserve to be.

Make your mark as a Puppy Pal today

Meet our J&K puppies

The J&K Training Group consists of Jarby, Jersey, Jax, Jester, Kipper, Kora, Kira, Kato, Kansas, Kenzi, Kween and Koda.

Thanks to Puppy Pals like you believing in their potential, these pups are on their way to hopefully help someone living with low vision, blindness or other specialised needs.

Meet the J&K Training Group


A photo of a yellow Labrador puppy sitting on grass.

Meet our S, T & U puppies

The S, T & U Training Group consists of Sage, Shadow, Seymour, Storm, Tag, Tally, Tanner, Tessie, Texas, Topaz, Uki and Urban.

Their life-changing journey to become Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs is only possible thanks to generous Puppy Pals like you!

Meet the S, T & U Training Group


A dark golden labrador puppy lies on the grass looking up at the camera

Since being matched with Tanner I don’t feel so alone.

Having my guide dog allows me to have hope for my future.