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Partner with a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog for safety, wellbeing and greater independence.
A yellow labrador Guide Dog, wearing a harness, with its handler, The dog is locating a bench and looking up at their handler.

Guide Dogs

Walk safely, confidently and independently with a Guide Dog by your side.

A Guide Dog is an assistance dog, specially trained to support people who are blind or have low vision to navigate their world.

Our Guide Dog Mobility Services are entirely designed to achieve your goals. Each Guide Dog is carefully matched with your personal characteristics and specific needs, creating a unique and meaningful partnership.

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A person walking down the street with their yellow labrador Guide Dog who is in a harness.

Assistance Dogs

Our highly-skilled Assistance Dogs offer freedom, independence and inclusion for children with autism and their entire families.

An Assistance Dog can positively impact families in many ways, providing safety for a child with autism as well as making outings and activities more possible and less stressful for all.

Our Assistance Dogs have the same legal rights of access as a Guide Dog. Assistance Dogs are clearly identified by their body coats, which provide awareness of the dog’s special circumstances and support public access and inclusion.

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A young child is getting a kiss from a yellow labrador dog. His mother is behind them giving them a cuddle.

Pets and Retired Dogs

Guide Dogs play a life-changing role in supporting people with blindness or low vision, and many of our dogs continue to offer the same safety, support and companionship after they change careers.

These dogs are called ‘retired’ or ‘career change dogs’. This includes those who have finished their time as working Guide Dogs and dogs with unique personalities or other traits that mean they haven’t fully graduated from their training.

If you are interested in adopting a career change dog, click here to learn more or contact our Client Services team:

tel: 1800 757 738

email: clientsupport@guidedogs.org.au

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