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Our values.

Our values are a reflection of who we are and what we believe in.
A close up image of a black labrador dogs face.

Our guiding principles

Our values translate into the promises we make to our clients, the quality of our services and the contributions we make to the wider community.

These values are a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and how we conduct our work.

Two people, one adult & one older person, sitting on a couch looking at each other laughing.

Our values

  • Achievement

    Delivering outcomes

    Delivering our services to the highest possible standard, delivering results that have value for clients, delivering on time as promised, recognising and celebrating achievements, holding ourselves accountable

  • Collaboration

    Engaging with others

    Working together to achieve our goals, working in partnership with other teams, seeking the input of others in matters that impact them, sharing our expertise and knowledge freely, actively listening to others.

  • Fun

    Creating an energetic, enjoyable place for ourselves and others

    Showing enthusiasm for what we do, balancing life and work, contributing to a vibrant working environment, supporting and encouraging one another, creating opportunities for celebration and camaraderie.

  • Integrity

    Ethical, honest and respectful

    Respecting the uniqueness of individuals, transparent in our communication, acting in the best interests of customers, doing what we say we will do, non-judgemental in our dealings with others.

  • Innovation

    Forward thinking

    Open to new ideas, solutions-focused, taking responsibility for developing ourselves, proactively seeking new ways to create value for customers and the organisation, continually looking for ways to improve our services.

Disability Action and Inclusion Plan

We are committed to providing unrestricted physical access to our facilities and services for staff, clients and visitors, as well as ensuring all of our information and communications are as accessible as possible to all people, including those with disabilities.

Our Disability Action and Inclusion Plan 2021-2024 helps to address matters related to disability access, as well as making services and information more accessible to clients.

Download the plan here.

Guide Dogs SA/NT staff members, Simon and Salina. They are both wearing black Guide Dogs polo tops and are smiling at the camera.

Since being matched with Tanner I don’t feel so alone.

Having my guide dog allows me to have hope for my future.