Orientation & Mobility

For adults with vision impairment, specialist mobility training offers everyday skills to keep you moving with confidence. Go where you want, when you want, with support that meets your needs.

Children's Services

Whatever milestones your child or teen wants to achieve to feel happy and confident, our vision specialists are here to offer training, encouragement and support.

Embrace your independence

Our Guide Dogs are an essential part of the work we do, but they’re only one of the ways we can support you, or someone you care about.

Independent Living

Live the way you choose with our range of services to support your independence. Learn about maximising your vision, developing new skills for daily life and achieving your personal goals.

Leisure & Lifestyle Services

Explore opportunities to connect with your community, develop new skills, access peer support groups and more with our Leisure & Lifestyle Services.

Neurological Vision Service

If you’ve experienced a change in vision through accident or injury to the brain, our Neurological Vision Service can help maximise your remaining vision and offer new skills for new life circumstances.

Assistive Technology

Whatever your age, level of vision, or independence goals, there are technologies available to make your life easier. Discover what's available and what will meet your needs.

Our Dogs

Our Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs provide life-changing companionship for people with vision impairment, children with autism and their families.

Business Services

While we’re renowned for our iconic Guide Dogs, our staff also have expertise in a range of specialist vision services. Find out how we can assist your clients and staff. 

Funding support

Explore your options for accessing funding support to help cover the cost of specialist services and training programs.

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