Paw Prints Autumn 2021

April 06, 2021

There are three heart-warming stories in our latest edition of PawPrints.

21 year old Sacha has been successfully matched with her first Guide Dog; Jesse. Our team has worked with Sacha since she was just three years old, and it’s so wonderful to see Sacha and Jesse begin their journey together. Sacha says “being matched with my own Guide Dog was an incredible feeling – it’s so freeing!”  Read more on page 14.

Adelaide mother Maree shares how Autism Assistance Dog Vixen has changed the life of her ten year old daughter, Madeline – and indeed their whole family. Maree says “before Vixen came into our lives, everyday activities were extremely important. But with Vixen by Madeline’s side, we know our little girl is safe.” As a parent myself, I understand exactly how priceless that is. Read more about Madeline and Vixen on page 10.

Finally, we share 11 year old Kodi’s story with you on page 4. Kodi is testament to the life-changing transformation a white cane can offer for someone with low vision or blindness.

Moments like these are at the heart of everything we do. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Paw Prints and reading about the lives you are helping to change.


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