Thank you to all our volunteers

June 08, 2017
Close up of a Yellow labrador in harness.

Guide Dogs was proud to say thank you to our volunteers today ahead of Volunteer Day on the Queen’s Birthday holiday this weekend.

Our wonderful volunteers are an integral part of the chain that enables us to change the lives of people living with disability.

The Chief Executive of Guide Dogs Aaron Chia thanked the volunteers for bringing talents, personalities, skills and experience which touched all areas of the organisation – our dogs, administration, community education, our fundraising and many other areas.

“We couldn’t run Guide Dogs without you, your dedication, your commitment, your passion for our organisation,” he said.

The Chair of Guide Dogs SA Board Volunteer Committee, Evelyn O’Loughlin, who is the CEO of Volunteering SA/NT said the impact of volunteering was integral to the State and the country.

“What we describe as meaningful in our lives most often contains an element of having the opportunity to give of ourselves to someone, or something, beyond ourselves,” she said. “Research shows that giving or contributing beyond ourselves is one of the strongest predictors of increasing our happiness and health.”

Volunteering contributes more than $290 billion to the Australian economy – in South Australia about $5 billion. As well according to recent research from Dr Steven Post and Prof Thomas Nielson:

  • 96% of volunteers say that volunteering makes them happier
  • Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood
  • Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health.

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