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Celebrating International White Cane Day 2023

October 13, 2023

Sunday 15 October is International White Cane Day (IWCD). This is a day that recognises the importance of the White Cane as a symbol of independence and mobility for people living with low vision or blindness around the world.

IWCD is also a day where Guide Dogs reinforces the need for everyone to consider safety for people with low vision or blindness, as they navigate their communities. Keeping pathways clear of clutter and obstructions, or simply making sure that open spaces remain, open. We can all play a part to ensure that everyone within our community can navigate their way safely and with confidence.

International White Cane Day also provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable work that we do for our clients.

Majority of Guide Dogs SA/NT clients use White Canes and are trained and re-certified by our OMIs and GDMIs.

We would like to recognise our Orientation Mobility Instructors who provide White Cane training and our clinical team that supports our clients.

At Guide Dogs SA/NT, our purpose is to provide service and support to clients that enables independence, participation, inclusion, and wellbeing.

To all of our valued clients, on International White Cane Day, and every day, thank you for choosing Guide Dogs SA/NT.


Since being matched with Tanner I don’t feel so alone.

Having my guide dog allows me to have hope for my future.