Paw Prints Autumn 2020

March 06, 2020
Paw Prints Autumn 2020 cover shows a man holding a puppy besides a smiling young boy.

For every beautiful dog Guide Dogs raise and train, there is someone waiting for a phone call with six simple, yet life-changing words: "We have a dog for you."

Every tiny puppy that is born in our Puppy Development Centre brings unimaginable joy to a person or family in need, whether it grows up to be a Guide Dog, Autism Assistance Dog or Therapy Dog.

In this edition of Paw Prints, we are delighted to introduce you to 31-year-old Chelsea and 7-year-old Oisin, whose lives have both been changed by our amazing dogs, thanks to your support.

Oisin lives with severe autism and has no sense of danger. Oisin's parents, Gary and Lisa simply want their son to be safe. Every day they live in fear that Oisin would run into oncoming traffic or some other life-threatening situation.

Fortunately, thanks to supporters like you, they now have Autism Assistance Dog Zena by their side. In the short time Zena has been with their family, she has already made such a huge difference to their lives. "Now that we have beautiful Zena, we can go out in the community and go to events we wouldn't usually be able to, with the peace of mind that Oisin can't run off," Gary shares. Read their story on pages 4 and 5.

You may remember reading about Chelsea in our 2017 Christmas Appeal. Chelsea lives with severe vision impairment and desperately needed a Guide Dog.

Matching a Guide Dog to a client in need is a complex process of pairing a dog that is compatible with the individual's specific needs. Chelsea needed a Guide Dog that could complement her walking style, adapt well to her full-time office environment, travel interstate, and much more.

It has been a long journey for Chelsea, and thanks to your support, Chelsea was able to trial many wonderful dogs. Now we are thrilled to announce Chelsea has been matched with her perfect Guide Dog, Skylar.

Chelsea and Skylar truly are a match made in heaven. We invite you to read about Chelsea's journey on pages 6 and 7.

Moments like these are at the heart of everything we do. We hope you enjoy this edition of Paw Prints and reading about the lives you are helping to change.

Thank you for your continued generosity. We hope you enjoy reading all the latest news from Guide Dogs - made possible thanks to you.


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