Paw Prints Spring 2018

August 16, 2018
The Spring 2018 edition of Paw Prints shows a young boy and his mum playing with their Autism Assistance Dog.

This edition of Paw Prints is dedicated to sharing some of the wonderful outcomes for our clients, made possible by you and your continued support of Guide Dogs.

In this edition you can follow Vespa’s journey to become a qualified Autism Assistance Dog. Vespa is in his final stage of advanced training, and is currently in the process of being matched with a young boy living with severe Autism and Down Syndrome, called Josiah.

“Josiah has no sense of danger. The thought of going out with him is too overwhelming, so we usually have to split up because someone always has to stay home with him. With Vespa, we will be able to go out as a whole family,” Josiah’s Mum, Cathy, explains.

What a difference Vespa will make to Josiah and his family. It is thanks to the ongoing support of the Guide Dogs SA/NT community that Guide Dogs can continue to raise and train more Autism Assistance Dogs like Vespa. You can read Vespa and Josiah’s story on pages four and five.

In March, 12 Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives participated in Boss’ Blind Date, an immersive fundraising initiative where they were challenged to spend a working day blindfolded. It was a challenging day, in which they gained an insight into the world of vision loss. Read about how they went on pages six and seven.

On page ten you can read about the Guide Dogs Music Appreciation Group, run by our Sensory Services team. The group enables our clients and other people living with sensory loss to enjoy and discuss music with others. It not only provides great entertainment, but is a great way for our clients to catch up with one another. Read the story here.

“I love coming here. So does my Guide Dog Indigo. I love music and I love to sing.” Client and Music Appreciation Group regular, Pam, explains.

For more stories like the above click the link below to read Paw Prints.

Thank you for your support – you are the reason Guide Dogs are able to enhance the quality of life of people living with sensory disability, and families with children living with Autism.

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