The Long and Winding Road

August 10, 2017

The long and winding road that leads to our clients' door begins with the love and commitment of our Puppy Raisers.

They are among the important volunteers that are essential to the provision of dogs for training as guide dogs, they expose the puppies to many social situations and teach them basic etiquette so that they enter their intense Guide Dog training with a strong foundation of learning.

The National Centre at Kew was the first to introduce Puppy Walkers/Raisers in order to cope with the ever increasing demand for trained Guide Dogs.  It was decided that, in order to free up the trainers for the formal part of the Guide Dogs' training, puppies would be fostered out until they were approximately 12 months of age to homes where they would learn their basic social skills before returning to Kew for their more specialised training.

Subsequently Guide Dogs SA/NT adopted the same approach and puppies live with their Raisers from approx. the age of ten weeks until they begin their formal training.  Puppy Raisers  are supported and guided by our qualified staff throughout their shared year with a VIPup.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our Puppy Raisers, Brood Guardians, Home Boarders and short-term Boarders for all you do. We wouldn't have a Guide Dog program without you.