Paw Prints Autumn 2022

March 24, 2022
A dark golden labrador puppy lies on the grass looking up at the camera

Read about the lives we are changing with your help! Your heart will be warmed reading about our newest puppies-in-training – the adorable S, T and U Litter puppies. These gorgeous pups have just started their journeys towards becoming Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs and Facility Dogs where they’ll make a significant impact in our community.

You’ll also enjoy reading about Bruce, who has recently been matched with his third Guide Dog, Oakland.

Finally enjoy getting to know Margaret, a very special supporter. A long-term client of Guide Dogs, Margaret received her first white cane in 1972. Margaret says “I first used a white cane fifty years ago. Years later, I welcomed Guide Dogs Ives, then Vigo, and now I’m back to using my cane. My real passion though is supporting puppies to become Assistance Dogs. They make such a difference to the children who need them, and their families.

Thank you again for all you do to help people in our community achieve independence, participation, inclusion and wellbeing. I hope you enjoy reading your copy of Paw Prints and learning about the lives you are helping to change.

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