Adult Mobility.

Learn practical skills to get where you're going with confidence.
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Skills to live the way you want

Regardless of your age or level of vision, it’s important to be able to move safely and independently through the world.

Whether you’ve experienced long-term low vision or blindness, a recent change in vision, or you’re gradually losing sight, Adult Mobility training offers everyday skills to keep you moving with confidence.

Adult Mobility training can support you to:

  • Get around your home and community safely
  • Navigate through both familiar and new environments
  • Catch public transport
  • Use assistive technology to increase your independence
  • Keep doing the things you love, like hobbies or activities
  • Connect with other people in your community
  • Increase your confidence and independence
A Guide Dogs staff member assisting an an older adult with navigating a handrail.

Your goals are our goals

Every training program is flexible and uniquely tailored to you.

Whatever your ultimate destination – whether it’s learning the skills to travel to and from work, pick the kids up from school, or simply stroll out to check the mail every morning – Adult Mobility instructors can work with you to develop the skills so you can go where you want, when you want.

Simply put, you’ll learn to map out and understand where you’ve come from, where you plan to go, and the safest, easiest way to get there.

Each practical technique is carefully selected to keep you going towards your personal goals, both long-term and short-term.

Support for every step of your journey

Adult Mobility training is valuable for anyone, at any stage of life. Regardless of your age or experience, we can be there to support you in every step of your training journey. We also offer tailored Children’s Mobility services for people living with low vision or blindness who are under 18 years of age, to help you achieve your unique goals.

We’re always available if you need to refresh your skills or learn new mobility techniques to find your way with confidence; if your goals change over time, we adapt our support to suit your needs.

Training can range from one session to several weeks of intensive classes. Depending on the specific skills you hope to learn, you might receive training at home, learn alongside family members or co-workers, or get out and about to apply your training in the community.

A person assisting a person using a white cane down a set of stairs.

Access other support

In addition to Adult Mobility training, you may benefit from:

  • Guide Dog Mobility: Partner with a Guide Dog and participate in Guide Dog Mobility training to become more confident moving through life.
  • Children’s Services: Whatever milestones your child or teen wants to achieve so they can feel happy and confident, our vision specialists can offer training, encouragement and support.
  • Low Vision Services: Receive specialist assessments, support and advice to ensure your lifestyle and environment are optimised to suit your level of vision.
  • Occupational Therapy: Work with Occupational Therapists to identify personal goals and learn practical skills to achieve them. These can include cooking, caring for your family, living independently at home, and managing your own financial transactions.
  • Neurological Vision Service: If you’ve experienced a change in vision through accident or injury to the brain, explore new skills for new life circumstances with our Neurological Vision Service. Maximise your remaining vision, learn to move through different environments and communicate with people in the community.
  • Assistive TechnologyAccess Assistive Technology training to make life easier. Whether it’s your smartphone or a specific aid like GPS devices, improve your confidence with technology that suits your needs.
  • Leisure & Lifestyle ServicesConnect with others, make new friends, access peer support groups and socialise with the community through our Leisure & Lifestyle Services.

Make an enquiry

For more information on accessing support, training programs, or to start improving or regaining your independence, please contact our Client Services team:

We welcome referrals from any health professional, carer, family member or friend. Please ensure you have the consent of the person you would like to refer before requesting a service on their behalf.

Funding options

You may be eligible for funding support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or My Aged Care, meaning the costs of your support could be covered.

We can also help you explore alternative funding pathways. For more information about funding support, contact our Client Services team on 1800 757 738 or email

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Referrals are welcomed from individuals, family members and health professionals.

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